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Skipper Skills Perfection

Pre-experience: 1000 nm+

Type: Practical course

Required experience: Costal Skipper level

Duration: 1 week

Miles Ahead Sailing Certificate

Perfect your skipper skills!

Discuss and try out single handed sailing and mooring techniques, learn tips and tricks for various day to day routines, fine trim your sails, and deal with heavy weather tactics.

Target group

This course is for advanced skippers wanting to stretch their comfort zone and gain more confidence in their techniques.


  • Singlehanded maneuvers
  • Heavy weather tactics
  • Man over board recovery at night

Course design

This practical course takes place onboard on the water. Students are accommodated on board. A qualified RYA instructor will deliver the course content tailored to the needs of the participants.

Any training week will start with a general introduction and safety brief as well as an outlook over the week. Training in any other areas of the syllabus will be arranged flexibly according to the weather conditions and learning progress. Please do not plan additional activities.

After the course you will get a qualified debrief about your progress.

Certificate issuing criteria


Code of Conduct

Miles Ahead Sailing is committed to create an open, respectful and joyful learning environment, integrating everybody into the team.