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Skipper Skills Training

Pre-experience: 300 nm+

Type: Practical course

Required experience: 300nm+

Duration: 1 week

Miles Ahead Sailing Certificate

Consolidate your skills and knowledge!

Get more self-confident in boat handling, harbour maneuvers, and navigation.

Target group

This is ideal for new Dayskippers who want to consolidate their learnings before their first cruising adventures with friends and family. As well as skippers who want to return to training after their first sailing weeks as a skipper.


  • Harbour manouvres
  • Distress situations
  • Navigation & pilotage
  • Effective sailtrimm and helming
  • Crew communication & leadership
  • Individual training

Course design

This one-week practical course is designed for a maximum of 5 students and takes place on the water. Students are accommodated on board. A qualified RYA instructor will deliver the course content tailored to the needs of the participants.

Any training week will start with a general introduction and safety brief as well as an outlook over the week.There is no strict syllabus to this course. Tuition will be arranged flexibly according to the weather conditions and your favoured topics. Please do not plan additional activities. Expect a training week, rather than a cruising holiday.

After the course you will get a qualified debrief about your progress, and an attendance and mileage confirmation. 

Certificate issuing criteria


Code of Conduct

Miles Ahead Sailing is committed to create an open, respectful and joyful learning environment, integrating everybody into the team.