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Frequently asked questions

Who is the RYA?

The Royal Yachting Association is a UK governing body for sailing and yachting (among other water sport disciplines) with a long tradition and high reputation. With over 2500 training centers worldwide, it operates internationally.  The RYA is an open and inclusive sailing community.

RYA yachting licences and Certificates of Competences are accepted internationally and can be awarded to any nationals of any residence.

The RYA is one of the world’s leading training programme providers for recreational and professional boaters and implements relevant changes in global maritime industry to training schemes.

All instructors are highly qualified and need to undertake a staged qualification process and periodical revalidation that ensures didactic and subject related competence and experience.

All training vessels must meet high maintainance and safety standards, which are inspected  by the RYA yearly.

Why in English?

Tuition at Miles Ahead Sailing is conducted in English. We are happy to direct our international students to learn sailing related vocabulary and commands in English, as it is the maritime language, spoken worldwide. It is a big advantage to be able to communicate with international crews, with harbour authorities and technical support personel worldwide.

Required level of proficiency: Fluent communication

(No worries: You do not have to be a language expert or native speaker, neither are most of our instructors.  Only sailing related communication and commands should be kept in English.)

Why is the Miles Ahead Sailing a good choice?

Miles Ahead Sailing is affiliated to the RYA sailing community. As a recognised RYA training center, it offers highly professional and practically orientated training, leading to widely recognised certificates.